10 Stunning Health Benefits of Alcohol

When anyone thinks of alcohol in any form number of thoughts comes in mind, some love it some hates it. People have love hate relationship with alcohol because of the. And for some it’s nothing more than the distilled alcoholic beverage which is made out of some kind of grain mash. Different types of whiskeys are made from different types of whole grains such as  wheatbarley, rye,  buckwheat, corn etc using column stills or pot stills. The flavor, quality, name and price of whiskey depend on type of grain being used. However, it is regarded as bad thing due to high risk on liver thus impacting lifestyle. When it is consumed in excess this is completely true. However if consumed 2-3 ounces everyday it can have few health benefits also. Following are some:


  • Weight Loss

Many people think that drinking helps in losing muscle tone which is true. The liquor has no fat calories and carbohydrates and very little sodium. And small amount of simple sugars that quickly breaks down so as to be used as energy for body.  So have few neat whiskeys to maintain your weight. :)


  • Heart Health

A study reveals that people who consume moderate amount of whiskey on regular basis have lower rate of experiencing a stroke or heart attack. This is so because as with age our body gets older and our system become frailer which results in lesser efficiency of functioning of various organ systems and weakness of cardiovascular system. So it can be helpful.


  • Blood Clots

Blood clotting is important when wounded to stop losing blood but internally it’s not. If the blood clots at key points in blood arteries or vessels, it can be dangerous.  Whiskey can helps to reduce Atherosclerosis, which happens when cholesterol combines with blood clots resulting in heart attacks, thrombosis and strokes. As whiskey results in blood thinning thus it significantly reduces chance of excess clotting.


  • Dementia

There are some studies which show that whiskey can boost cognitive performance and helps in reducing chances of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia disease though study is ongoing. But there is no doubt that ellagic acid is extremely powerful in fight against free radicals within our body. As these free radicals often associated with interruption of neural pathways which contributes to slow decline towards dementia. Whiskey can reduce that mental decline if consumed in moderation.


  • Diabetes Control

Studies show whiskey can help in reducing chance of diabetes, as much as 30-40 percent. The moderate amount can significantly improve your body’s ability to regulate glucose and insulin levels, thus lowering the chance of developing diabetes.


  • Cancer Prevention

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases known till date. Numbers of theories are being proposed to tackle the problem but no effective results are coming. Since whiskey has high level of ellagic acid which is most powerful antioxidant compounds. Thus an antioxidant helps to neutralizes free radicals which are harmful byproducts of cellular metabolism that cause number of diseases which includes heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease. Thus this is powerful antioxidant measure against cancer.


  • Stress Relief

Consumed in moderate amount whisky can help to reduce stress and it calms the nerve. It helps to achieve tranquility by increasing circulation and slowing down brain activity.


  • Helps in digestion

It is believed from centuries that whisky is a digestive aid which helps in digestion of heavy meal. It is an effective appetite suppressant.


  • Treat Cold and Flu

Whisky is known for its effects in fighting clods and allergies. It acts as an effective cough syrup for people having a sore throat. The best results are seen by mixing little bit of whisky to cup of lemon and hot water.


  • Live Longer

The antioxidants helps in fighting against free radicals which is number one cause of aging and prevent from various other diseases. These benefits let you to have healthier and longer life.


So everything has pros and cons, thus it is up to us how to deal with it whether to see brighter or darker side of it. Though with this article we are not promoting consumption of alcohol, just letting you know the other side of picture, thus up to you to decide what is good for your health.


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