5 Best Bollywood Movies Reviewed 2016

Bollywood refers to film industry based out of Mumbai city in India in Hindi language. In India the various film industries are based on both location and language specific, like Mollywood, that is form Kerala state based on Malayalam language; Tollywood, from Andhra Pradesh based on Telugu-language films etc.

Bollywood films mostly include musical numbers which is now changing with coming time. Mostly Indian movies are three hour long, as Indians tends to expect a full entertainment for the given price of ticket. But the main reason they are long is that films are artistic.

Bollywood movies are also termed as masala movies. The masala movies combine more than one genre in the movie that blends romance, comedy, drama and action. The goal is just to attract number of people possible. Following are some new age movies:


Tamasha Movie 2016

Tamasha is directed by Imtiaz Ali. It’s a romantic drama film. The film stars Tara’s and Ved played by Deepika and Ranbir who works in corporate world and leading the monotonous lives; then they meet each other accidently during their vacation in Corsica. Then they came up with an idea of hiding their real identities.

But together they explore the island by referring each other as Mona Darling and Don. Tara falls in love with Ved but never dint confess. Then they meet again after 4 years when Tara comes to Delhi for some work, but gets surprised after seeing altogether different Ved.

Ved purposes her which say denies then his schizophrenia gets triggered, and then the story develops. The IMDb rating is 7.2. Deepika won Screen Award for Best Actress in Popular Choice category.


PIKU Movie 2016

Piku is a comedy drama directed by Shoojit Sircar . It is the story of short tempered Piku played by Deepika Padukone and her ageing, grumpy father played by Amitabh Bachchan and Irfan Khan, who is taxi owner who drives them to Kolkata as they want to sell their ancestral home.

Bhashkor played by Amitabh has cronic constipation and relates all his problems with his bowel movements, because of which it often leads to quarrel with everyone. But Piku can’t leave her father as she loves him, but gets irritated with him at times. And want to marry that person who is ready to care of her father also.

Then on the way to Kolkata the story unfolds. It’s a beautiful story depicting the father daughter relation. Deepika won her second Filmfare Award for Best Actress. The IMDb rating is 7.6.

Bajirao Mastani

Bajirao Mastani Movie 2016

Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed Bajirao Mastani which is a historical epic romance film.  The Bajirao played by Ranbir Singh became the new king of Peshwa. Who after becoming king fought number of battles and won all.  While he was conquering he travelled to Sironja, his tent was infiltrated by a representative from Bundelkhand and ask him to help in fighting invaders in their region.

She was Deepika Padukone playing Mastani , the daughter of Chhatrasal the Hindu Rajput King. Bajirao helped them as he was impressed by her skills. Chhatrasal insisted Bajirao to celebrate Holi there.

Bajirao and Mastani started to have feelings for one another and kings gifts his dagger to her, which is considered as marriage symbol in Bundelkhand Rajputs. But the king leaves afterwards the Mastni decided to pursue her love. The IMDb rating is 7.2.


NH10 Movie 2016

NH10 is a thriller movie directed by Navdeep Singh. It is a story of young couple Arjun and Meera played by Neil and Anushka Sharma who played a road trip, where they witnessed attack on another young couple by group of people.

In which Arjun intervened but received a tight slap form their gang leader. And Arjun wants to teach them a lesson, follows them in spite of Meera pleading him. Thus the story evolves with killing of Arjun and revenge of Meera. The IMDb rating is 7.2.



Talwar is directed by Meghna Gulzar. It is drama movie based on Nodia’s double murder happened in 2008, in which a family servant and teenage girl were murdered in their own apartment, and police convicts her parents for crime.

The film is unbiased attempt to show the version of both side’s i.e police as well as parents, leaving upto audience to decide what happened. The key role was played by Irfan Khan. The IMDb rating is 8.4.

Enjoy watching these!!

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