Top 5 Looks of Deepika Padukone That You Would Want to Steal

Deepika Padukone is clearly one of the most fashionable celebrities that Bollywood has. She is also a flawless actress who can pull off any role without a twitch on her face, but her fashion statements are iconic.


It’s not easy being a fashionista as you will be expected to look like a goddess all the time. But Padukone, with the help of her incredible stylist Shaleena Nathani, seems to look stunning more often than not. She looks gorgeous on red carpets, film previews and award shows. Every woman out there can take some style inspiration from Deepika and her outfits to look like a million bucks.


Here we choose top 5 looks that you can steal from the reigning queen of Bollywood and Hollywood and to ensure that you look like a million bucks!

#1. Fashionable Jackets


Do jackets like Deepika! She probably has the best collection of jackets inspired by Victorian, fall, spring and all kinds of fashion. To give her good, old denim a twist and to make a bodycon dress trendier, she has worn cool jackets at multiple occasions and we absolutely love it. These killer looks prove that jackets are a must have.

#2. Airport looks


Deepika, is hands down, the queen of airport looks. Simple, elegant, classy yet comfortable. Everything we ask for from an airport style is summed up right here. Long sleeved tees and denims look like her thing. The leggy beauty is clearly nailing this airport look and paparazzi can’t get enough of her. Go for light shades to get the look right.


#3. Bringing back the skirts



Skirts were never outdated per say, but many weren’t very confident about wearing them to high profile events, until DP decided to nail it at her movie promotions and award nights. Look how young she looks in those long skirt and striped sleeveless top! That pony makes the look super sporty. A great combination to experiment with, we say.

#4. Floral Tops


Okay, she is too pretty to be the girl next door and we absolutely understand. But when she wore simple, plain, yet beautiful floral tops with plain denims at several stages, we were mind blown. See, how a quirky floral print can make you look sunny and breezy! A perfect summer look indeed! Visit her curated online fashion store to purchase one of these looks.

#5. Saree


The good old Indian saree, makes any woman look drop-dead gorgeous! Who else can carry that beautiful piece of clothing better than Deepika, the epitome of Indian grace? Look at her slaying it in a sleeveless blouse and printed saree! An ardent fan of iconic designer Sabyasachi, she pulls of sarees effortlessly. So take some inspiration from this Bollywood turned Hollywood hottie, and try a floral saree and a bold blouse at the next wedding. Hotter than the summer, you see!

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