Unveil 5 Popular Security Apps for Android

Android security is always a subject of debate as smartphones are on stake of malware and virus attacks. The question that arises is that if the smartphones always need an antivirus or security app as security has become a major issue. But a much relieving fact is that today, security apps for android have improved to a greater extent and this makes them highly protective against new threats.

Some of the potential security apps for Android that protect smart devices from external intimidation’s provide limited access in personal or commercial trial version. However, the paid editions offer features beyond expectations. Let’s elaborate the features incorporated in major android security apps.

360 Security

Android seucurity app 360

With an elegant and streamlined design and straight interface, undoubtedly, this is one of the best security apps for Android with 99.9% flawless detection rate. It focuses mainly on primary operations that include detection and nullification of security threats to the system.

  • The application comes as a freeware with lightweight and consistent specifications.
  • Standard real time scanning process safeguards Android device from spyware, malware and other similar threats.
  • It detects and removes all sorts of vulnerabilities and cleans up junk data to make the device highly functional.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

eset android security app

This security app possesses an easy to use interface and as per latest AV Test report, the app delivers 100% threat detection rate. The starter version of the application is free.

  • Real time scan feature detects viruses and malware components as well as the dodgy apps.
  • Integrated with anti theft tools that allows locating smartphone or tablet remotely while locking the SIM.
  • Integrated with features that prevent unauthorized access and use of data such as anti phishing protection, device monitoring, app auditor, call blocking, etc.

Avast Mobile Security

avast android security app

Avast offers advanced and enhanced range of security features that are quite impressive. With antivirus protection, the tool scans all integral apps of the device to fetch details of the tasks these apps are performing.

  • Web shield integrated in the app scan URL for viruses or other threats.
  • Hidden anti theft feature allows remote access and control to Android device via SMS.
  • In case if the device gets lost or in case of theft, the app locks the device and can locate it as well.
  • It includes features such as SIM lock down and prevention of USB debug that makes it a comprehensive protective solution against theft.


AVL Android Security App

This antivirus application offers a basic package of features with light-weight functionality. According to a latest AV Test report, the app scored a satisfactory 99.8% detection rate.

  • The performance of the app is consistent and there is no unjustified impact on speed of the device or its battery life.
  • The application is quite fast, reliable and efficient and scans a large number of file formats.
  • Advanced security features include a straightforward user interface and call blocking capabilities.

Avira Antivirus Android Security App

Avira Android Security App

This smart antivirus application is a boon for Android devices including smartphones and tablets. Free version of the app is consistent and delivers 100% performance with reliability parameters.

  • New applications and updates are scanned automatically and potential threats are detected efficiently.
  • The app incorporates anti-theft features that locks and controls the device remotely while triggering an alarm.
  • If any of the information such as email account or email address of friends is compromised, the app will notify and alert you about the same.
  • Existence of blacklisting feature allows blocking nuisance spam or annoying callers.

Final Thoughts

Although, it is quite different to compare these popular Android security apps in terms of their features, functionality and scalability parameters, the decision to select one solely depends upon one’s primary requirements and preferences.

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