5 Things to Keep in Mind While Going for Family Vacation

We all have a bit of wanderlust in us. An unconditional urge that comes up and knock at our hearts every now and then. When you are stuck at the time machine of urban land everyday life for way too long, you need something different than the mundane. Trips are those tiny windows of opportunities that let you explore a different side of the world. You often find a new side of you during these trips. We all need them, love them and crave for them more often than not. Yes, it’s absolutely thrilling to pick a backpack and leave your houses for those impromptu trips. But there are a couple of things you need to watch out for. Read on to know more. Thank us later.

#1. Secure Finances

Most crucial aspect of a trip is to have enough cash. We aren’t asking you to carry all your credit cards, ATM cards, hefty sums of money and bank passbooks. But remember, not all rural or even small towns in India has ATMs. The local shops probably won’t have enough infrastructure to accept your fancy cards or E-wallets. Have enough cash on you always. It gives you a sense of security and protection. Unless you are on an under 10k budget trip. Then buckle up and bon voyage!

#2. Pack Carefully

Do not underestimate the essentiality of careful and thought out packing. There are a bunch of things that we need every day and then there are a few things that we have the luxury of. You need to pick wisely. You can’t be packing three floral dresses and seven jeans when you are actually going hiking. If you have sensitive skin or some kind of lifestyle diseases, that will demand a lot of care and products. Pack what’s essential and exclude anything that is not absolutely necessary.

#3. Stock up on Food and Water

You should always be prepared for the worst tragedy, especially if you are an adrenaline junkie. You can’t really expect a bowl of warm food at the extreme heights of Himalayas. Or Uttaranchal might welcome you with a landslide. You need to make sure that you carry a couple of non-perishable food goods and drinking water. Stock each time you are in a new small town/ village to avoid crisis.

#4. Have a point of contact

Nothing can make your life easier than having a solid point of contact in the vicinity of the place you are about to visit. We aren’t asking you to take support from someone when you are super thrilled about your solo trip. We are just asking to have backup if you can, because there are some fair chances that things could go wrong, especially if you are in a strange land, of an alien language. Brownie points for the possibility of having a local guide to yourself.

#5. Know your Destination

Impromptu trips are the ultimate best. But you should still know where you are headed. You can’t be wearing an uncomfortable high pair of heels when you are at a secluded beach just like you can’t be clothed in a super crumbled T-shirt when you are off to a cool as hell Fine Dining place.

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