Android File Sharing Apps – Top 5 in 2016

With the introduction of Android Operating System, the mobile technology has changed to an inevitably greater extent. With the ever rising volume of Android users and incredible developers, there is an app for all. Yes, Android offers a wide series of apps that makes banking, travel, leisure, education and other activities easier. Whether you are finding for cheap accommodation or a gym, Android has it all.

With the vast volume of ever rising users, file sharing becomes a popular task. Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of android file sharing apps but the question is that if they all offer complete security and data integrity. These parameters make it important to select a reliable and free file sharing apps from the bulk database. In this article, we will discuss some of the top file sharing apps for Android in the upcoming section.


This file sharing app is exceptionally faster and supports cross platform sharing of data on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and other major platforms. The best thing about this app is that it does not consume any data while transferring files. The file transfer operation is done without USB Connectivity as well as without connecting to WiFi.

Shareit for android

This app is now a choice of 400 million users from across 200 countries. The app is known to share files 200 times faster that the Bluetooth. Compatible to download and install over desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other smart device, it has become a number one option for a large volume of users.


Most of you must have heard and are familiar to this file sharing app for android. But do you know that this app is an ideal option to share large volume files between Android devices. For rapid sharing, the app uses WiFi Direct. It enables pairing devices through QR codes that scans the unique code of the device. Multiple files of any size and any type can be shared in just few clicks by using the SuperBeam.

Superbean file sharing apps for android

It supports almost all file formats on Android 2.3.3 and latest versions. Transfer rate solely depends upon the internet speed, type of device and the volume of files that has to be transferred. The file sharing apps is available in both trial and paid versions. Trial version allows testing its functionality without making any investment, but offers restricted features, whereas paid version offers enjoying extensive file sharing features.


Xender is a comprehensive file sharing app with the ability to share and transfer all type of documents and files including music, video, photos and everything you wish. Not only this, the apps existing on mobile and PCs can also be transferred through Xender file sharing. It is a complete cross platform application compatible to iOS, Android, PCs and Mac machines.

Xender file sharing apps

For moving and sharing files as well as apps between devices, Xender works in collaboration with personal Hotspot feature and does not demand internet connection. You can even replicate Android and iOS data using this file transfer app and the replicas can later be used as backup.


HitcherNet works in collaboration with WiFi Direct technology to share and transfer files within devices. Files can be shared to any destination across the world. HitcherNet offers fast, reliable and secure transfer of videos, music and other files. The app can transfer backups and updates from device to device.

The app allows multiple file transfer that can be stored on SD card or HitcherNet directory. It retrieves automatic connection to already peered devices without any complicated pairing procedures. Once the app opens, it automatically detects peer HitcherNet devices.


Infinit file transfer app allows sharing large and small files of any size and format. It can transfer complete photo album as well as HD movie from one device to another. Its unique point to point technology makes it 30 times faster than other file transfer tools. The tool is integrated with advance transition algorithms that transfer files using smallest possible path.

Infinit File sharing apps for android free 2016

Users can send files from a mobile or computer to another smartphone, laptops, desktops or any other device. The files that are to be transferred are not subject to stipulated size limitations. You can even ‘Pause’ the running file transfer instance in case of unreliable connectivity and it can be resumed later.

The above mentioned android file transfer apps 2016 can be downloaded from Google Play Store or other reliable download mediums. Though, all of them work perfectly, but the decision for which file sharing app to download solely depends upon individual’s choice and preferences.

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