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Android File Sharing Apps – Top 5 in 2016

With the introduction of Android Operating System, the mobile technology has changed to an inevitably greater extent. With the ever rising volume of Android users and incredible developers, there is an app for all. Yes, Android offers a wide series of apps that makes banking, travel, leisure, education and other activities easier. Whether you are

8 Best iOS 9.0 Apps Available on iTunes Store

You will definitely enjoy the enhancements and upgrades made in iOS 9, the newly released version of iOS. The multitasking features have become more efficient and this will make you more productive. Security features have become more powerful than ever. The best iOS 9.0 apps gives to the ability to perform more and gain more

Book iPhone 6S, 6S Plus – Prebookings Started Across India

Great news for Apple product lovers from India. Apple has recently announced / ordered authorized agencies and outlets to start taking pre-bookings for recently featured product iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. People needs to spend little extra money to get hands on experience with this product as the lowest variant in 6S series is available at 62,000 INR,