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The Snapchat CEO Controversy: What Actually Went Wrong

Snapchat has been trending for last two days and this time with has tag #boycotSnapChat, for all the wrong reasons. The app which caught like wildfire across the globe by instigating our young generation’s very strong urge to broadcast every silly, important, pointless activity they are involved in. Since the Variety magazine report came out

Unveil 5 Popular Security Apps for Android

Android security is always a subject of debate as smartphones are on stake of malware and virus attacks. The question that arises is that if the smartphones always need an antivirus or security app as security has become a major issue. But a much relieving fact is that today, security apps for android have improved

5 Best Ways to Promote Android or iOS Apps

With millions of apps already available, how you are going to make your app stand out? Every developer should think of this questions before diving into app promotion world. If you thinking of similar questions, then you are at the right place. We’ll be covering here top most tried and tested methods to attract huge