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5 Things Being Foodie Taught Me

what’s a foodie and how it feel being foodie ? Being a foodie is the most awesome thing that can happen to you. You can eat all you want, everything you want and nothing on earth makes you as happy as food. It’s a brilliant thing to happen. But it’s also very much a part

5 Horror Places to Explore in India

India is a mysterious place as known in world. And the mystery always fascinates humans. India is a beautiful place yet mysterious country which behold the stories and secrets number of palaces. That is why number of palaces and forts in India has twist of mystery or history attached to it. So if you are person to

10 Best Parenting Tips to Stick

Managing a child is a daunting task during their adolescence time; because during this time, children are neither fully grown youth nor dependent kids. During this both the kids as well as parents faces number of challenges in this phase. However, with some useful tips as suggested below and a little bit of patience, one

Make in India – What You Shouldn’t Miss?

Launched in September, 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ Campaign aims towards promoting foreign investment in India (FDI). The pledge to transform the third largest economy of Asia into a super economic nation seems to be working and yielding positive outputs. Now, when PM Modi is celebrating the ‘Make in India’ week in